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Your Wedding

This day marks the start of your new life with the one you love. One of the most memorable (and photographed) parts of the day is the dancing. Whether it be the bride & groom's first dance, the mother & son dance, or father & daughter dance, all eyes are on you.


You’ve been waiting and planning for this special day. When you step on to the dance floor, we want your memories to be forever and picture perfect. You deserve to be confident and have everyone see you looking your best.



We will personalize your experience from top to bottom. You may have picked the song, otherwise we can help you find just the right one. We will create customized moves to add the mood that fits your personality. It can be a showstopper filled with “Wow!” moments. It can be funny or sweet. Maybe you want to go for something subtle and just want a few simple turns to complement your style. Your dance should be as special and unique as you are.

Wedding Dances

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