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Events & Parties

Dance Floor

Friday Night Parties: These parties are regular social events giving you a chance to practice your moves. You don't have to attend any previous classes to go, but it's a good time to practice what you know and socialize with other people! The first Friday of each month will be a themed party, the second Friday will be a Latin party, the third Friday will be a regular monthly dance, and the fourth Friday of each month will be a country party including your favorite country styles, 2-step, and line dancing. Sign up below to reserve your spot or just show up that night!

Special Events: The studio is available for weekend and holiday rental. Some of the rented events are open to the public. Events such as the sound healing "Gongtopia" event (January 13th) and the Craft Fairs will be listed below or advertised in our weekly newsletter. Contact us with any questions on these events or for rental information for your own private event.


Ticket per Single Person: $10

Ticket per Couple: $15

Ticket per Student (9th grade and up) $8

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