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Our Classes

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons that can be customized based on your needs, schedule and interest. Contact us for more details.

Group Lessons

Each group class is designed for beginners and is independent of the other classes. In other words, you can show up for any class at any time and won't "miss anything" if you can't show up each week.

Each class will begin by teaching the basic steps of that session's dance styles. After going over the basics, the teacher will add 1 additional turn or move to each dance. Pick one or try them all!

No experience required. 

Fall Group Classes

Below are our fall classes!

(Check our online booking page for specific dates as there will be no classes on holidays or special days.)

Mondays: 6pm- Tango & Salsa 

7pm- Line Dancing

Tuesdays: 7pm- Cha Cha & Waltz

Wednesdays: 5:30 Yoga 

Thursdays: 6pm- Push Pull & Fox Trot

Fridays: 7pm- Swing & Rumba 

2024 Group Classes

Each day of the week will go over multiple dances in the same style. 

Mondays: 6pm- Country Class 

7pm- Line Dancing

Tuesdays: 7pm- Latin Rhythms

Wednesdays: 5:30 Yoga 

Thursdays: 6pm- Intermediate

Fridays: 7pm- Social Steps for Beginners 

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