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What We Offer

Private Lessons

We offer private lessons that can be customized based on your needs, schedule and interest. Contact us for more details.

Group Lessons

Each group class is designed for beginners and is independent of the other classes. In other words, you can show up for any class at any time and won't "miss anything" if you can't show up each week.


Each class will begin by teaching the basic steps of that session's dance styles. After going over the basics, the teacher will add 1 additional turn or move to each dance. Pick one or try them all!

No experience required. 

2024 Group Classes

Each day of the week will go over multiple dances in the same style. 

Mondays: 6pm- Country Class 

7pm- Line Dancing

Tuesdays: 7pm- Latin Rhythms

Wednesdays: 5:30 Yoga 

Thursdays: 6pm- Intermediate

Fridays: 7pm- Social Steps for Beginners 

Adult Class Calendar

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Group Classes

People dancing at party

Why Ballroom?

Ballroom dancing has lots of different style for various occasions and preferred styles of music. The basics can be quick to learn and can be used to impress families, friends, and loved ones!

How can dancing best fit your needs? Are you looking for a fun date night? Do you need to prepare for a wedding, prom, or other special occasion? Perhaps it's time to reconnect now that the kids have left the house. Maybe you just need a moment where you get to focus on yourself and have a fun time!

Come by yourself. Come with your partner. Come with your friends. Come see what it's all about.

What's Best For Me?

Rooftop Party

Private Lessons

This personalized approach allows you to customize each lesson to fit your needs. You can choose the dance style and time that fits your schedule. Working at you own pace, you get to go "beyond the steps" to learn nuances like lead & follow while developing your own style & technique.

Semi-Private Lessons

Want to get your friends together for a fun night out? Gather your crew and pick a time that works best for you! Set up just one night or plan a month of together time.

Group Lessons

This is a great fit for those looking to socialize while being introduced to a few new steps. You can stop in on. any day that fits your schedule and find your favorite styles. Sign up in advance or show up at class time and enjoy the fun!

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