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Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!

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As dance instructors Rachel and Al met through competitions, dance performances, and other industry events in Wisconsin.


Their mutual love and admiration led to marriage and building a family together. As life partners and dance partners, they focused their attention on growing their students' skills and love of dance.


They started in Covington, LA by creating dance clubs and classroom ballroom programs at local grade schools and high schools. They choreographed for a BETA group and supported dance events at Franco's Athletic Club and the Pelican Athletic Club. Their students showcased their talents at competitions and a holiday ball.


They continued their work of teaching, dancing, and performing with Louis and Company Dance Studio in St. Louis, MO. With a passion for giving back, they also started training students as part of large-scale fundraisers.


After family took them to Knoxville, TN, both Al and Rachel continued the same work with training students of all ages, but they increased their philanthropic work by participating in annual fundraisers among which were Dancing for the Horses (a fundraiser for Horse Haven) and Dancing with the Knoxville Stars (a fundraiser for Children's Hospital). 


Everywhere they move, Al and Rachel love to support the dance needs of individuals and the community. From schools to weddings and date nights to fundraisers, Al and Rachel will help you see how dance best fits your life.

Meet the Pros

Dancing and helping others find the love of dance has always been at the core of what we do and who we are. We are excited to share what we know with you!


Katie Edwards

Katie Edwards is using her classical dance training at Ready 2 Dance! Katie has over 17 years of dance experience and 8 years of teaching dance. She has trained in nearly every major genre of dance. Having trained under several notable instructors, including Annmarie Carlson Drake, Erik J. Sanborn, Jared Baker, Sam Picart, Catey Ott Thompson, and more, Katie has taught dance at several respected studios, along with countless other dance-related jobs. Recently, she was selected by Danceworks in Milwaukee as an emerging choreographer.

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